Welcome to the area of Makawao in the Upcountry of Maui! This quaint rustic town is situated on the mid-slopes of the Haleakala Volcano, a dormant volcano in Maui.  Makawao has lots of history dating all the way back to the 1800s after the first herd of cattle was delivered to Hawaii. Following the cattle were the paniolos, or cowboys, that came from Mexico. Today, Makawao is still a popular area for herding cattle because of the wide open fields of lush green grass. The downtown area is a mix of Maui plantation-style structures mixed with old west architecture making you feel like you have stepped back in time. This small close-knit community, with a population of over 7,000 people, plays host to the Makawao Rodeo, Hawaii’s Paniolo Rodeo held every July 4th and includes a parade and traditional rodeo.

In addition to the rich heritage of ranching, Makawao is also known for being a renowned arts community. A favorite gathering place for the artists and enthusiasts from all over Maui is Hui Noean Visual Arts Center which showcases exhibitions, art classes and an art gallery. 

When talking about Makawao, considered to be the hub of the Upcountry of Maui, it is important to talk about Olinda.  Olinda lies just above Makawao on the slopes of the Haleakala Volcano. With its moist and somewhat cooler climate, it is a strong agricultural community. Its claim to fame is that music legend, Jimi Hendrix held his Rainbow Bridge Concert in a huge Olinda cow field. Additionally, Seabury Hall, a top prep school in the western part of the US, is located in Olinda.

Lastly, on the other side of Makawao is the small community of Haliimaile. This tiny village features small, cottage style homes. Residents here, venture up the road for any and all essentials and needs.

Real estate in Makawao/Olinda/Haliimaile consists of single family homes. Most homes are located on nice sized lots many which are an acre or more.  Because of the affinity and ability for excellent agriculture, the size of the lots are a top focus of real estate. In the fourth quarter of 2011, the median list price for a single family home was $382,500.

Homes in Makawao start in the mid $200s. These homes are in need of updating, rehabbing and in a few cases, knocking them down in order to build a newer home.  Most of these homes are very much within walking distance into Makawao Town and have lots of rustic character. As you head out of the center of town, lots get bigger and homes, for the most part, need much less work. These are priced from the mid $400s and up. There are a few neighborhoods like Makawao Ranch Acres that typically list from the upper $300s to mid $500s. There are also very affluent neighborhoods like Pau Hana Estates and Maunalou Plantation Estates that are priced into the multi-millions and have homes situated on large beautiful green and grassy lots of several acres.  As for homes in Olinda, land size is the hot button as well.  It is very common to see a small cottage style home on a large piece of land of more than an acre in size. List prices start in the mid $400s and climb to about $2 million.  While no homes are currently on the market in Haliimaile, it is a popular community whose residents stay there when they have the opportunity to move there.

The upcountry of Maui is a very peaceful area of the island. With exclusively single family homes on large pieces of land, residents live a quiet laid back existence.  The feel of Makawao is like stepping back in time. This town is rich in history and provides a wonderful community existence to all who live here.