Known as the “jewel crown of Maui,” Lahaina is the perfect Hawaiian town. This town has a lot of history behind it as it was once was the capital of Hawaii as well as a headquarters for whaling ships. Today, it has become a haven for visitors coming to Hawaii, more specifically, Maui. Lahaina receives about two million visitors (80% of all visitors to Maui) each year primarily due to the beaches around the area including Baby Beach, Puamana State Wayside Park and Wahi Kuli Wayside Park. 

Front Street is the “main drag” in Lahaina. This is the central location of all the action that makes this such a favorable area.  Lahaina’s people are a strong close knit community who are proud of their town and enjoy celebrating where they live. With several festivals each year, there is always something happening on Front Street…Halloween Parade, Lahaina Whale and Oceans Art Festival, and the Banyan Tree Birthday are just a few.  The Banyan Tree, located on front Street, is the world’s oldest Banyan tree. Just eight feet tall when it was planted in the late 1800s, it now is 60 feet high and spreads across two-thirds of the two-acre area around Courthouse Square.  It is safe to say that Lahaina Towne revolves around the old Banyan Tree.

Also, the downtown area is plays host to a number of art galleries including Lahaina Galleries and Gallery 505.  Many festivals center on the art galleries in Lahaina Towne. “Friday Night is Art Night” is a monthly event held along Front Street on the second Tuesday of each month. Additionally there are weekly and monthyly art shows that draw locals and visitors to the center of town.

Real estate is Lahaina varies greatly from condos and townhomes at resorts to single-family homes for year round and seasonal home owners.  The overall median home price (homes and condos) is about $690K with the average number of days a home is listed on the market at 250 days. Channel House and Lahaina Shores are two resort communities that have one-bedroom condos starting in the low $100s and are popular with vacationers. A boutique-style resort in the historic part of Lahaina Towne is aina-nalu in which two-bedroom condos start in the low 200s. Two newer resorts that are in the final stages of construction are Opukea at Lahaina and Hoonenea at Lahaina.  These places are unique in that they cater to full-time and long-term residents only and start in the mid-$300s to low-$400s. Another townhome community that is ocean front is Puamana which starts in the mid-$600s and climbs to over $2 million. 

Year-round residents and those desiring a single-family home in and around Lahaina have several areas from which to choose. Single family homes start at about $300K for homes that are smaller and need some work.  There are also specific neighborhoods in Lahaina including Paunau which starts in the mid- to upper-$400s and Wahikuli with beautiful homes starting in the upper-$500s to low-$600s. For much more exclusive opulent estates that boast panoramic views, Launiupoko has homes that start at well over $1 million.

We have Lahaina real estate specialists who are very well verse with the West Coast of Maui and Lahaina. They can give you the guidance you need to find the perfect property to suit your needs and desires.  If you are interested in selling your home in Lahaina, we can help you devise a plan to list and market your property so that you get the most out of your prized possession.

Lahaina is a wonderful part of Maui that has something for everyone. People who visit always want to stay…and some even do. Make sure you visit Lahaina so you can see what everyone is talking about!