Lahaina has often been called “the jewel in the crown of Maui,” and for good reason. 83% of all visitors to Maui make sure that they find their way over the Lahaina at some time or another during their trip to Maui. Historic Lahaina town is nestled between the waters of the Auau Channel facing Lana'i island and the fertile peaks and valleys of Mauna Kahalawai (West Maui mountain range). Lahaina has provided a home for many cultures over the centuries, always welcoming visitors to its inviting shores. While this is a great place for visitors, it is also a great place to live, at least that’s what all Lahaina residents say.

Face it, there are just some spots throughout the Hawaiian Island chain that are more suited for visitors than for actual residents. Lahaina flirts with this line, nut as stated above, everyone who lives in Lahaina or owns Real Estate in Lahaina says the same thing; it is an amazing place to live.

Despite all the visitor traffic that comes through the area, Lahaina has plenty of great deals on single-family homes, townhouses and condos; all of which possess their own unique style and flavor. The median sales price for homes in Lahaina, Maui are currently hovering around the $315,000 mark. This represents an increase of 24%, or $61,000, compared to the prior quarter and a decrease of 22.2% compared to the prior year. While Real Estate in the area fluctuates a little, you can be secure in a single-family home, townhouse or condo purchase; especially knowing you got such a great deal and are locked in at such a low interest rate.

Lahaina is filled with amazing little shops and restaurants, all of which are perfect destinations for you and your family to visit on the weekend. There is shopping, good dining, and plenty outdoor activities. One of the main things that attracts people to Lahaina is that you can enjoy a laid-back country living kind of life. You don’t have to worry about the hustle and bustle of a city. However, if you need the city Lahaina is not too far from other major Maui cities.

Single-family homes, townhouses and condos are all available in the Real Estate area of Lahaina. With its lush surrounding areas, good dining, unique shops and great places to see, Lahaina is actually a lot more than just a tourist trap.

Take a few minutes to dig into the Real Estate area of Lahaina; the jewel in the crown of Maui.