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A little about Waipahu

Waipahu is a friendly, culturally active, and historic town found in the central portion of the island of Oahu. Waipahu is technically a census designated place with a population of approximately thirty three thousand one hundred residents. Waipahu literally translates to “water” and “burst forth” from native Hawaiian into English. Waipahu was originally known for its namesake artesian spring, which was of critical importance to ancient Hawaiian culture, which also considered Waipahu to be the capital of the island.

Waipahu was originally a sugar plantation community dominated by the Oahu Sugar Company, which constructed the first sugar mill on the site in the year eighteen ninety seven. Waipahu students attend Waipahu High School, Pearl City High School, a number of public primary schools, and numerous nearby private schools. Waipahu is located directly across from Waikele, which is home to a number of restaurants, boutiques, and stores as well as the internationally recognized Waikele Outlet Shops. A couple popular neighborhoods are Waipio Gentry, Royal Kunia and Village Park.

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