There are many areas across the country depreciating.  The big question is: When is the right time to jump in and invest? "Analysts say housing prices in San Diego County held fairly steady last month, but home sales fell to the lowest level in ten years From June of 2006 to last month, home prices for San Diego real estate were down nearly 2%, though the new numbers from Data Quick show an increase for May to June of about $3,400 to a new median price of $494,500. With sales down to just over 3,999 last month, it was the slowest homes sales month in San Diego County since 1997." Some real estate experts say we are getting close to the bottom, but there are a few that say we still have a ways to go before the real estate in San Diego hits bottom.  Only time will tell.  The best thing to do is contact a local San Diego Realtor and depend on their area expertise.

If you do plan to go buy a San Diego real estate investment you may want to consider checking out San Diego vacation rentals to stay in while you are house hunting.