Puna is a district located at the eastern tip of the Big Island. It extends from the sea all the way up to the 4,000-foot summit of the Kilauea Volcano, the world’s most continually active volcano. This area on the Big Island offers so many types of terrain from the black sand beaches at Mackenzie State Park and Kehaa Beach to rain forests and steam vents inside the Hawaii Volcanos National Park.  

In addition to the history and character of the Puna District, agriculture is a huge part of the area.  With the fertile land along the sides of the Kilauea Volcano that extend between the sea and the summit, coffee and other produce crops are easily grown in these fields. In fact, during the 1800s, Puna was a huge producer of coffee but traded in those fields for sugar cane crops in the 1900s. Gradually over the years, the pendulum is swinging back toward coffee.

Within the Puna District are many several small towns including Pahoa, Keaau, Kurtistown-Mountain View, and Volcano Village.  Each of these areas offers diversity in terms of landscaping but has a central theme of history that is evident through the architecture and quaintness of the old clapboard buildings housing restaurants and shops in the towns. 

Lots of opportunities to buy real estate in Puna exist. In fact, there are subdivisions and neighborhoods throughout Puna that have real estate to fit every price range and every need.  This district offers the most affordable real estate in the state of Hawaii.  Because of the immense amount of rainfall, residents are well known for living harmoniously with the land and the weather. There are several towns and subdivisions within this district that are more popular and should be considered when looking in Puna.


When travelling into Puna from Hilo, Keaau is the first town you reach.  In this area, the main subdivisions are Hawaiian Paradise Park and Orchid Estates.  Although most homes start at about $200K and climb into the mid to upper-$300s, you can find homes that need an immense amount of work or are situated on great lots starting at about $70K.  Additionally, in these neighborhoods, there are homes that list well over $1 million.  Most vacant parcels of land for sale are between one and two acres and are priced from $10K to over $400K depending on the location and the condition of the lots.  Those that are graded and ready for building will naturally be more expensive. Other neighborhoods like Paradise Ala Kai have ocean view lots and homes starting from the mid-$200s.

Kurtistown/Mountain View

Kurtistown and Mountain View are well known for their lush, fertile land and feature homes and parcels of land in many price ranges.  Neighborhoods like Eden Roc, Hawaiian Acres, and Fern Acres have homes in which list prices start under $100K and climb to the mid-$300s with vacant lots starting under $10K and climbing from there.  Fern Forest is another subdivision that features three-acre lots starting in the mid-$20s.


Pahoa is a very eclectic, old mill town where the locals love to meet.  There are tons of shops and restaurants as well as the weekly Makuu Farmers Market that bring the community together to support the local economy.   Pahoa has properties for every budget from smaller lots in Nanawale Estates, Black Sand Beach, Hawaiian Beaches and other neighborhoods that start under $10K.  Properties with homes in the same areas start under $100K and climb to the mid-$600s for oceanfront properties. 


This town is situated about 4,000 feet above sea level and is surrounded by rainforests.  Volcano is also a favorite vacation spot for residents from other Hawaiian islands as well as the mainland because of its close proximity to the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.  Volcano Village is a favorite place for locals to eat at restaurants, shop and visit the weekly farmers market.  Vacant parcels of land start under $10K in Glenwood Gardens, Royal Hawaiian Estates, Mauna Loa Estates and other neighborhoods.  Homes in these same areas start at about $100K and climb to almost $700K. 

Puna real estate  offers such a variety of property in every price range and so much diversity in terrain. Rainforests, mountains, and shoreline give everyone their pick of landscape. This is a wonderful area for nature lovers and those who desire to live a simple, off the grid lifestyle in a low key environment.