Here are a couple neighborhoods you might want to consider when purchaing Hawaii real estate on Oahu.

The homes in Hillcrest are immaculate single family homes that are priced in the one million to two million dollar range. The Hillcrest neighborhood is a small and quiet community of residents who enjoy living in some of the most extravagant gorgeous homes located near Keolu Hills. People who drive up and down the streets that start with the letters "AU," will find some of the elegantly styled homes with spectacular views of the lakes, mountains, and the oceans. The homes come with large pools in the backyards where residents spare no expense in finding the best quality of life for them and their families. Search all Kailua real estate homes for sale.

Tantalus is a small neighborhood of less than one thousand people that are located on a large hilltop called Makiki Heights. People who move to Tantalus will enjoy the quiet and calm neighborhood with spectacular views of Diamond Head in the distance. The tropical rain forest with the lights of the city down below, coupled with the beautiful sounds of birds, and guava trees make this community one of the most sought after neighborhoods in the district. People who move to the small neighborhood of Tantalus are people who are looking to get out of the big city life of Honolulu, and live calm lives on a beautiful hillside. The road that leads to Tantalus is a looping road called Roundtop Drive that is the only access to the neighborhood. Residents who live in this neighborhood are known to take long hikes in Pu'u Ualaka'a Park to watch the city lights that can be seen from one end to the other. Search all Honolulu real estate homes for sale.