The North Shore of Oahu is arguably one of the more famous towns on Oahu. Waikiki aside, the North shore is a beach town paradise for residents and visitors alike. The area is made up of a number of communities, with Historic Haleiwa town being the most popular. If you enjoy a tight nit community that is built along some of the best beachfront in the world, then the North Shore on Oahu may be your first Real Estate stop.

The North Shore of Oahu is able to bring something to the table that not many other communities can; beach living and/or mountain living. See, there are plenty of available single-family homes, townhouses and condos in the North Shore area. While you may automatically think that if you live on the North Shore you will need to buy beachfront (or close to beachfront) property, that statement is actually false. Nestled into the mountain range that overlooks the North Shore is a number of unique and thriving neighborhoods. The single-family homes in the mountainous region of the North Shore are beautiful, perfect for raising a family.

Another unique thing about the North Shore mountain area is that there is plenty of space to go around. In other words, if you purchase a single-family home I this area you won’t be right on top of your neighbor, you will have a nice piece of space. This is something that many homebuyers on Oahu crave, but only certain communities can offer this luxury, and the North Shore is one of those communities.

Median home sales price on the North Shore is a bit higher than other areas of the island of Oahu, but what you are getting really reflects the price. Right now median home prices are hovering around $700,000. However, as with most Real Estate deals, many home, townhouse and condo prices are open for negotiation, as this is still a very buyer friendly market here in Hawaii.

With access to beaches, mountains, hikes, surfing, water sports, horseback riding, deep see fishing, shark tours and more, the North Shore on the island of Oahu definitely offers something very unique to all homebuyers.

Rarely on Oahu do you get the opportunity to live a country and beach kind of lifestyle, while still having access to most of the amenities that bigger cities offer. Remember, you are a bit further from Honolulu, but not too far from most anything you will need. Wahiawa, Haleiwa, Mokuleia and Kapolei are just short drives away.

Consider all your Real Estate options on the North Shore of Oahu, a beach town paradise.