Luxurious and intimate living does not come much better than this on Oahu. Lanikai, which is located on the very tip of the windward side of Oahu, has some of the most beautiful single-family homes on all of Oahu. Look hard enough and you will probably be able to find some condo listings as well. However, this neighborhood is more of a single-family home community, and a very unique one at that.

Lanikai is located on the outskirts of Kailua town, and is more of a neighborhood in the Kailua area. The look and feel of Lanikai is different than just about anywhere else on the island. Lanikai is primarily made up of a one-way 3-mile loop that breaks off into some side streets. You can live up towards the mountain, or choose to live right on the beach.

Minutes (walking distance even) from all the amenities of Kailua, Lanikai is a paradise within a paradise. The community is made up of luxurious houses, and even the ones that aren’t are located on prime pieces of land. There is only one way in and one way out through the loop. The neighborhood is extremely friendly and safe, and allows you access to golf, hiking and two of the most beautiful beaches on Oahu; Lanikai Beach and Kailua Beach.

Median home prices in Lanikai are more expensive than other places on the island. You will be paying for luxurious living, intimate settings, and beachfront property. The median price range for homes in Lanikai on the island of Oahu are right around $3,541,675.

Lanikai is a fantastic family setting and offers people a great spot to raise kids. It is also ideal for couples and singles wanting to live a lifestyle that is comfortable and secluded. The Real Estate scene in the Lanikai area on the island of Oahu is good. Listings are always available, but as you can imagine, not as many buyers for this type of area exist.

However, if you are looking for luxury and beachfront property that is second-to-none on Oahu, then Lanikai should be your first stop. Amazing beaches, beautiful weather, tons of activities and security are all excellent selling points for this secluded island community.

With Kailua Town within a few minutes walk, restaurants and shopping galore, Lanikai in Kailua on the island of Oahu offers a unique living style that should be looked into.

Check out Lanikai today, luxury and intimacy all rolled into one.