Nestled on the east side of Oahu is the famous beach town Kailua. Kailua offers so much more than just beautiful Kailua Beach and a few tourist spots. Fondly referred to as “a windward paradise,” Kailua is packed full of beautiful scenery and is a fantastic place to purchase property.

Kailua has recently seen a influx in people, mostly due to the fact that when mainlanders come to Oahu they are looking for a quiet place to buy a single family home or condo, and Kailua always pops up on the forefront. While there are plenty of condos and single family homes for purchase, the Kailua area is also known for having some of the very best beachfront rentals on the island of Oahu.

There is not as much vacant land is this area, however the land that is available for purchase is arguably some of the best on the island of Oahu. Beautiful Kailua is a dream spot for many, as owning a single-family home, townhouse or condo in this neck of the woods is something that many people strive for.

Median sales price for this area of Oahu is $714,000. A bit more than the rest of Oahu, but you are paying for the best. This number represents a decrease of 3.5% compared to the prior year. Sales prices have appreciated 3.5% over the last 5 years in Kailua.

The Kailua lifestyle is one that many dream of. Kite boarding, surfing, kayaking and hiking are all very popular in the area. You don’t have to have a car to get around Kailua Town, as it is built in such a way that most people are content with walking and exploring.

The breezy beach town of Kailua is a quaint and laid back town. With diversity popping up around every corner. Kailua is also growing rapidly, as many new shops and restaurants are starting to pop up. As a matter of fact, Kailua will be home to the new Target that is currently being built in the area.

The Real Estate scene in Kailua is something that needs to be looked at. If you are in the market for a new single family home, condo and townhouse, and are looking to live in a laid back atmosphere that offers all the quality of a small town and the luxury of a city, then Kailua on Oahu is definitely a place to look at.

Don’t miss out on Kailua, a windward paradise.