Kahala is synonymous with elegance. Just a few miles from Honolulu, Kahala sits on the eastern end of Diamond Head, on the southern coast of Oahu. Real estate in Kahala is exquisite; it should be for the price it commands when placed on the market.  Kahala has some of the most expensive real estate in Hawaii. It is chockablock with multimillion-dollar estates graced with lush lawns, verdant foliage and elegant palm trees. 

One of the most famous Kahala mansions is Shangri La, built by heiress Doris Duke in the late 1930’s. Shangri La combines Hawaiian and Islamic décor, and houses what may be one of the largest Islamic art collections in the West. The Doris Duke Foundation of Islamic Art presently owns and operates Shangri La. Shangri La covers five oceanfront acres and is filled with artifacts and art from Iran, Syria, Morocco, Turkey and India. Today, visitors may take a tour of Shangri La and view both rooms inside the house and outside gardens, water terraces and a saltwater pool.  As with many Kahala properties, it is truly opulent. 

Although they do not approach the opulence of Shangri La, properties in Kahala are often quite spacious. Multi-million dollar price tags are not unusual. For buyers with less than a million to spend, $700,000 to $800,000 may be enough to purchase a beautifully situated and well-appointed three-bedroom condominium property in Kahala. Some other condominiums with perfect beachfront locations are selling for much less, but buyers considering one of them should carefully discuss the property’s leasehold status with a real estate agent prior to purchase. Buyers also need to understand the monthly fees associated with a condominium-type property.

Kahala Beach is a rather narrow piece of sandy beach with many trees lining its edge. The beach is pretty secluded and it may not be the best place to go if you are looking to get some real swimming in. The beach is somewhat shallow and has a lot of coral. Kahala is, however, a great place for those who want to splash around at the water’s edge, doze under some low-branched trees, or stroll along the sands.  

It is only fitting that a community such as Kahala should also be home to a premier beach resort. The Kahala Hotel & Resort is a true luxury resort and has 338 rooms and suites, five restaurants plus a spa. The Kahala Hotel & Resort has a white sand beach, tropical gardens and a private lagoon that is called home by the resident Kahala Hotel & Resort dolphins. Yet, the Kahala Hotel & Resort is only about ten minutes outside of Waikiki.  It is a favorite of the rich and famous.

What would an upscale area such as Kahala be without some excellent shopping? Kahala Mall features many fine stores such as including Barnes and Noble, Macy’s, an Apple Store, and restaurants. The Kahala Resort also has some high-end retailers on site, such as Kahala Boutique, Hildgund Jewelers and ABISTE.

For the most opulent and pampering experience of living or just visiting Oahu, Kahala is the place to go.