You are heading east on the H1 freeway, the freeway ends and you pass Kahala Mall and keep heading east. All of the sudden you find yourself surrounded by beach on your right and majestic mountains on your left. You notice that there are dozens of beautiful single-family homes, townhouses and condos for sale. Where are you? Congratulations, you have just entered the beautiful part of east Oahu called Hawaii Kai.

Hawaii Kai rests on the most easterly part of Oahu, the last stop before heading around the island to the windward side and the Waimanalo, Kailua and Kaneohe area. The area is a majestic combination of smooth bats and wonderful mountains, as hiking and water sports are both very popular activities in the Hawaii Kai Real Estate area of Oahu. Perfect for families and singles, Hawaii Kai offers a sort of living that many dream of.

Single-family homes are spread across the area, but what many people find intriguing is the way that Hawaii Kai townhouses are laid out in little areas overlooking the waterway that leads out to the might Pacific Ocean. Each waterfront townhouse comes with a boat slip, perfect for boaters and waterman alike.

The median sales price for homes in Hawaii Kai, on are currently $639,500. Compared to the same period one year ago, the median sales price decreased 0.4%, or $2,466. Hawaii Kai is constantly attracting families that enjoy outdoor activities such as camping, hiking and water sports. There is no shortage of jet skiing, kayaking and stand up paddling in the area, as the smooth, calm bay is perfect for all of these sought after activities.

There is plenty of shopping, and restaurants abound in this eastern Oahu paradise. Koko Marina shopping center is located in the area, complete with movies theaters, outlet shops, unique gift shops and restaurants. There is also the marina itself, which is available for boat slip rentals for those families that have a boat.

Hawaii Kai is really starting to pick back up. More families are looking to this eastern part of the island for cooler breezes and cooler weather. Single-family homes, townhouses and condos are all available, and they all offer the sort of amenities that would make any active, outdoor loving family smile.

Take a minute to check out the Real Estate prospects in Hawaii Kai and see if you find something that will allow you to enjoy this east Oahu paradise.