Over the past few years technology has change drastically, and the internet has become the information highway for everything. Searching for Hawaii properties has become a real treat for prospective buyers whether it is late at night or taking a sneak peak at work it has become quick and easy to look for properties wherever you might be in the world.

If you are actively searching for a property and have graduated out of the “Looky Lou browsing stage” working directly with an agent is a must. Most buyers do not realize the great importance and value and not to mention the countless hours of your time that can be saved by utilizing an agent’s knowledge.

Most buyers know what they want in a property, but sometimes there are unknowns about a property or the surrounding area that might not be contained within the information given for that particular listing that might change your mind on making that purchase. To get down to the point of it all, there are so many variable when searching for a property it is always best to speak to an agent for assistance.

Here are some key points that might be over looked if you have not utilized an agent.


  • What type of condition are the surrounding homes in
  • Are vacation rental allowed in this location?
  • There might be a perfect property listed higher in price just out of your price search but the seller is very motivated and might accept an offer that falls in your price range.
  • Do the pictures do this property justice? Sometimes pictures can mirror imperfections and make a property that needs a remodel look very livable.
  •  “What Climate do you prefer” Hawaii has many micro-climates that vary from very rainy to very dry areas.
  • Is this a short sale property, some short sales never get approved by the lenders and are not currently eligible for a purchase.
  • There might be a property that is a perfect match and available but is not listed on the MLS or is temporarily off the market.
  • Are there swimming beaches nearby?
  • Is this the best property for my needs?


  • What are the Maintenance fees?
  • Are the maintenance fees for the condo association about to increase a large percentage for any work needed?
  • Are vacation rentals allowed in this location?
  • Does this come furnished?
  • Is this the best property for my needs?

By Russull Tucker - Kauai Specialist