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A Few Facts About Kula

Kula is a rural, generally residential area found in the eastern portion of Maui. Kula means “open meadows” in ancient Hawaiian, and is known as one of the places on the Valley Island where the locals prefer to live. Kula is one of the strongholds of a long agricultural, “paniolo”, and ranching tradition, partially because of its large open spaces. Kula enjoys pleasantly warm weather throughout the year, interspersed with occasional chilly periods in the higher elevations (near the slopes of Mount Haleakala) during the winter. Many homes in the district of Kula enjoy lovely views of the mountains, plains, valleys, and ocean.

Farms in Kula grow a number of notable agricultural products, including lettuce, herbs, protea, persimmons, cabbage, and the famous Maui Onion, featured in everything from potato chips to onion rings. Kula has a population of about seven thousand residents, while the landscape is dotted with Eucalyptus trees, flowers, and cook pines. Kula is known for the Enchanting Floral Gardens and the Kula Botanical Gardens, as well as Haleakala Ranch, Skyline Adventures, and the Surfing Goat Dairy. Other points of interest include the Ulupalakua Ranch, Haleakala Ranch, and Poli Poli Spring State Park.

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