1001 Wilder

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1001 Wilder is a short walk away from downtown Honolulu and is private condominium with features like pass-key rooms and private security guards. While here, residents will have access to a large conference and recreation room, and a swimming pool to cool off on warmer days.

1010 Wilder

Makiki Hills offers great views of the Pacific Ocean while still in close proximity to the city, making it the perfect setting for 1010 Wilder. Everything about this condominium  is grand, with large parking lots for residents and guest and large lanais. With the residents in mind, this building has much value for the people who choose to live here, as along with the space, it provides a recreation area, BBQ grill and swimming pool for having a relaxing day. Security is as excellent as it is complete with intercom and pass-key systems for doors and a personal security guard.

1015 Wilder

Full of luxury from the base to the top is the 1015 Wilder, a new complex with two luxurious 12-floor towers. The designers of this building wanted the space around residents to feel endless, as each condominium unit has three rooms in addition to the buildings' spacious lobbies and facility rooms. This complex has views of the city and the Pacific Ocean because it is situated on an incline.Within the units centralized air conditioning is standard, giving all residents great comfort within the building. Security will also never be an issue with the pass-key door systems, private security guards and intercom systems. Residents will also have access to recreation rooms, BBQ grills and a swimming pool.