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The Mienehune Shores condominiums were constructed over thirty-three years ago, they are cheaper than most condominiums in the Maui area, they contain one and up to three bedroom units. They sit on a small patch of land that directly faces the ocean. They are a small community of only one hundred and fifty four units in a six story high rise building. The floor plans contain spacious bedrooms and a large veranda that opens up from the bedroom. The three bedroom units will have two verandas in two of the large bedrooms. All of the verandas have beautiful views of the large open sky and large ocean, mountains, and views of the island. The upper floors give breathtaking views through their large windows in the individual units, as well as from the hallways. The building is stacked with six floors that are shaped in a u shape. So some units will have a beautiful view of the open courtyard down below, while looking out at the ocean through their bedroom windows. All of the units are large, but not as large as most condominiums, but for the cheaper price, the views will make it worth it.

The three bedrooms are much larger than the other units, very spacious bedrooms, living room, dining room, and kitchens. They all have the most modern appliances, and up-to-date decor for the counter tops, large cabinets, central heat and air, and chandeliers in the dining room. People who live in this community will get all of the amenities that other condominiums give their residents who are paying more for their units. The vegetation in the gardens of the courtyard are spectacular. They are well taken care of by the landscapers, and give off the most sweetest aromas.

Residents will enjoy much relaxation at the complexes large heated pool area, they can tan on the decks offered near the pool area, they can barbecue, and play games in the gaming room. There will be plenty to occupy most residents. This is another condominium complex that offers an Indian food restaurant in its down stairs area. There is also a small bar located near the restaurant. Residents can dine out at the place where they live, and never have to leave their location.

For residents who would rather eat out away from their homes, can find the best shopping centers and restaurants within walking distance of their front door, and the beach is near by as well.

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